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trinity Church

Explore our current ministries below! And be sure to check out the master church calendar so you don't miss any events.

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Ignite Youth Ministries

Helping students follow Jesus Together! 

Specifically for our 6th - 12th Graders.

Spark Children Ministries

Helping children understand God's Word!

For our kids ages Preschool - 5th grade.

Colleagues Working Together
Congregation Care and
Pastoral Support

Our Care Team routinely sends cards, flowers, gifts, and meals to congregants and community members in need of support. We also have an active prayer list to record prayer requests and believe God hears and answers prayer. We embrace the biblical call to show hospitality to all, therefore we do not limit our caring support to those only connected to Trinity Church. If you need a prayer, a meal, spiritual friendship (Stephen's Minister), or pastoral counseling, please request care. 

Adult Life Groups

Building relationships while following Jesus Together.

Our Adult Life Groups are part of our "Equip" discipleship strategy. As we learn God's word together in community we become Christ-like. We have multiple small groups for all ages and demographics. Study topics change frequently and anyone is welcome to jump into a life group for a short study or remain in the group year round. 

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