New! Message Series -  Socks and Underwear

Not What You Want....But What You Need

At Christmas, many times our gift expectations and hopes are high. What would be the "perfect" gift? We get our hopes up. Then, we open up our gifts to find socks and underwear! We've all been there. Not what we wanted....but what we need. The first Christmas was like that. Jesus was the gift the world separately needed, but not sure they wanted. Most did not seem to care or notice. In this series we will unwrap the true gifts of Christmas and the best gift ever!

Nov. 29 - The Gift of Hope

Dec.  6 - The Gift of Peace

Dec. 13 - The Gift of Love - Christmas Musical

Dec. 20 - The Gift of Joy

Dec. 24th - 4 & 6 pm - The Gift of Christ

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